Career Profile

Just a guy who likes to write code and make cool stuff! Always eager to learn a new topic and help others along the way.


Software Developer

2016 - Present
Redox^ Madison, WI

At Redox^ I was able to broaden my skills as a growing developer, learning from top notch developers in the tech industry (for Electronic Health Records). Growing my skillset here involved being a part of a structured team testing my skills on individual projects to benefit the team as a whole.

Teachers Aide

Adorable IO, Madison WI

As a Teachers Aide for Adorable, I was able to assist in teaching a necessary skillset to new and budding developers in the industry ranging from HTML5 to JavaScript even some PHP & MySql too!

Freelance Technical Tutor

Anywhere, Everywhere

Every oppourtunity is a good oppourtunity to help your fellow developer learn something new! I'm on a constant ebb and flow of answering questions and helping others with whatever they need! If I don't know it, I'll find someone or some way to help learn and grow together.


Heres a few of my projects that I've worked on and built from the ground up!

Daily PR's - A not so creatively named project combining a good wealth of my knowledge. This thing uses Hubot scripting, some Node HTTP requests and some slack intergration too! It even hijacks a couple of Slack's premade variables for funsies.
Asteroids - A silly little remake of the classic Asteroids remake using Game Maker Studio and the awesome GML scripting language!
Mad Libs - The Mad Libs project is the first project from MATC using a good mixture of my knowledge using PHP and MySql. Basically this thing took in a couple of words and spit out a response!
Animation - I actually do a lot of 2D animation with Pixel Art. This all involves color theory, mental perception and blah blah blah. Made some cool stuff is all that matters! Ha.

Skills & Proficiency


2D Animation

Pixel Art